Making Movies Outside Hollywood

~ How To Compete with the Hollywood Movie Machine ~

Hollywood is a global movie machine that dominates the world.

Hollywood films are made with enormous budgets and have tremendous marketing muscle, and are filled with celebrities whose faces are known across the globe.

So it's no surprise that Hollywood films outperform local titles in nearly every country in the world, taking a huge slice of the local box office pie.

Smaller countries and American states outside Hollywood find it increasingly difficult to compete with this behemoth. The economies of scale present challenges beyond just the budget. These challenges include creative — how to develop a local talent pool that can compete on an international level of quality — as well as business (on both sides of the film) — including everything from how to attract and develop a greater production base... to how to market local films to both domestic and international audiences who are buried under a mountain of alternatives competing for their attention.

If they can't compete, local films and local film industries get squeezed out of the market, and local talent goes undeveloped, effectively silencing the cultural voice of smaller countries, and the independent spirit of American states.



Growing up in Hollywood, and then living and working in Australia and New Zealand for 17 years, and spending an equal amount of time both inside and far outside of Hollywood, award-winning filmmaker and best-selling author Jeff Bollow brings a unique world perspective and film industry insight into the issue of Making Movies Outside Hollywood.

In this array of dynamic and engaging, practical real-world talks that are packed with specific steps, tactics, strategies and methods filmmakers and local industry leaders can apply immediately, Jeff identifies the 5 New Brackets of the Global Film Industry. Every country (and local industry) must achieve very specific targets in order to succeed, and Jeff shows exactly how to do it.

With sales prices of film plunging worldwide, and even acclaimed winners of international film festivals failing to attract distribution, Jeff presents six key lessons from Hollywood that local filmmakers must use if they hope to compete locally and internationally. Plus, he shows how to take effective advantage of the new technologies that are currently changing the landscape of global entertainment. Production costs are dropping as the distribution landscape is widening, which will radically transform the industry in the years ahead.

Jeff's rare insights into creativity, storytelling and screenwriting from a local cultural perspective combined with his hands-on film experience in nearly every aspect of the film industry, make this a must-attend talk for filmmakers, writers, directors, producers, film commissioners, festival delegates and anyone on the forefront of the global film industry.



This talk/seminar is continually updated, and has been presented in various forms in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia, Canada and the United States.

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